Thursday, September 20, 2012

A farewell to getting high

                And so it came to an end. After eight seasons (it started back in 2005) "Weeds" concluded its run. I won't try to make some kind of review of the whole series here for it would be impossible. There are more than a hundred episodes and some of them I watched so long ago I can't even remember them. I just wanted to bid this series farewell with a few words.

                During eight years The Botwins traveled all over America, met a lot of people, killed some, avoided getting killed themselves, some of them went through prison, some of them even lived in Denmark for a while, they were running from Mexican drug kingpin, DEA, FBI, police, you name it, and all of that because of weed. It's somewhat ironic then, that in the last episode of the series we find out the weed has become legal. That of course brought Nancy and her family a lot of money, but it has done something else too, it made them ordinary citizens again. Practically all of them embraced it, some more, some less successfully, all but Nancy. All her reasons for feeling special gone, the end of series finds its main character without a purpose and, even more interestingly, leaves us wondering should we really feel sorry for her.

                "Weeds" had highs and lows throughout its course. Its start was fantastic but it got lost somewhere along the way and tried to save it all in the last season. And, if you ask me, though it probably failed quality-wise, it succeeded on an emotional level. It was nice to see all the characters once again and the ending was bittersweet just as it should've been. Speaking of ending, it may be the end of the series but that surely doesn't mean I'll stop watching it. Till we meet again, farewell!

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